We operate under the philosophy that, “The citizens of our great Nation are our future, and the preservation of their health is our duty and privilege”. We are the only practice in Mesquite that offers Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Primary Care under one roof. Veterans are VIPs in our practice and we respect them here!
Also, unlike other practices and clinics, we are the only practice in Mesquite which offers EECP/ECP treatment for patients who suffer from Angina Pectoris or Chest Pain. This is cutting edge treatment which sometimes offers the only hope of relief from severe Chest Pain and improves on the benefits of angioplasty/stents and bypass surgery. We firmly believe that prescribing medications is not the only way. For those patients who cannot have surgery or stents, this is the only form of non-invasive treatment that has been shown by scientific studies to relieve Chest Pain and improve physical activity and quality of life.  We take the time to properly diagnose our patients and determine if they would benefit from ECP. When the situation truly calls for prescription drugs we prescribe with precision.